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26 Mar 2024
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Vacation Planning

Planning a vacation, especially to a beachfront resort like Portofino Island Resort, is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. Our weekly resort schedule is filled with activities perfect for guests of all ages, including dolphin cruises and more. A great option for anyone looking to feel rejuvenated is taking a yoga class at our Pensacola Beach resort. 

Found on 28 acres between the Gulf of Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound, our Florida resort is the perfect destination for everyone from families to couples and even solo travelers. As you plan your stay, take advantage of all our incredible on-site activities, including fitness classes like yoga. Keep reading to learn more about why this is the perfect addition to your itinerary.

The Benefits of Practicing Beach Yoga

It should come as no surprise that practicing beach yoga has many health benefits that combine the healing properties of the beachfront with rejuvenating exercises. Some are well-known, like reducing stress and improving flexibility. However, there are also some unexpected benefits. This includes reducing your risk of heart disease, improving your memory, and boosting your immunity. 

Also, the different types of yoga all have their own additional benefits. For example, because vinyasa yoga involves synchronizing your breathing with movement, it can help improve your focus and concentration. In restorative yoga, you hold poses for extended periods, which helps restore your parasympathetic nervous system functions and can help reduce blood pressure.

How to Join a Class during Your Stay

If you'd like to add a yoga session to your Pensacola Beach vacation, you’re in luck. Our fitness center, which overlooks the Santa Rosa Sound, offers a weekly class on Tuesday morning. Classes are open on a first-come basis, so we recommend showing up early to ensure you have a spot. An experienced instructor will lead you through a series of poses designed to help you relax and relieve stress and tension. To learn more, call the fitness center at 850-916-5360.

Take the relaxation of your Pensacola Beach vacation at Portofino Island Resort to the next level by signing up for a yoga class!