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Body Treatments + Wraps

Remineralizing Body Polish | 30 min

Enjoy a thorough exfoliation of the body with this effective mechanical scrub enriched with expert marine ingredients.

Massage and Wrap with Algae Jam | 50 min

Experience a whole-body slimming treatment, which combines a tonic massage and an original algae wrap, to refine curves, reshape and tone the silhouette. The proof is in the results after a course of 4 sessions: - 11%* less belly fat and - 8%* less thigh fat. *Clinical scoring on 22 women after four P4 Treatments with P5 LOTION application twice daily for 15 days.

After Sun Rescue & Body Firming Wrap | 50 min

(Anti-aging, firming after weight loss or childbirth, post sun) During this anti-aging body wrap every detail is looked after while cocooned in firming body gel, rich in anti-aging sea minerals.

Remineralizing Body Wrap | 50 min

(Anti-stress, anti-fatigue, jet lag, recovery, moisturize) If feelings of fatigue, stress, and low energy are creating imbalance for your well-being, sea water is the perfect solution.

Sea Foam Body Wrap 60 min | 80 min

(Muscle melter, tissue detox) For tight muscles, joints, and tendons an intensely active marine mud will soothe sore tissue while toxins are drawn from deep within. Includes a luxurious application of ultra-moisturizing body milk to complete the experience.

Sun-Kissed Body Exfoliation + Tanner | 60 min

A moisturizing exfoliant is applied to the body to create the perfect palette, followed by a professional application of self-tanning gel for the perfect golden glow.

Renewing Exfoliating Ritual | 50 min

(Relax tight muscles + exfoliate + moisturize) Bask in therapeutic relaxation with the best of both worlds. After muscle relaxing, Self Heating Mud packs are applied to the spine. An exfoliation is performed using a creamy exfoliant infused with an endorphin releasing aromatherapy serum, which has a similar mood enhancing actions as those provided by the sun to simultaneously revitalize the skin and senses.

Treasures of the Sea Treatment 50 min | 80 min

(Includes a remineralizing body wrap) Like a dip in the ocean this treatment is sure to immerse the senses, and bring the body back into balance. This unique treatment includes a specialized lymphatic massage performed with Relaxing and Draining Elixirs to melt tight muscles and increase circulation. Followed by an application of moisture rich body cream.

Sea Holistic Exfoliation & Massage 60 min | 90 min

After marine oil and salt gently polish the skin, steamed fragrant linen bundles filled with Marine Salt Crystals and lavender buds deliver warmth throughout the massage. The massage movements taken from Thai massage techniques are combined with pressure points and stretching to unwind areas of tension and restore balance to the entire body.


Seaside Express Facial | 30 min

The perfect opening note to your spa experience, this classic facial treatment combines all the skin specific solutions of a European facial and much more.

Seaside Solutions Custom Facial | 50 min

A deep cleansing and exfoliation are followed by the application of self-heating marine mud to the spine to detoxify and release muscular tension. A skin-specific treatment mask is then applied to balance and correct any conditions present- topped off with intense moisturization.

Moisture Quench Hydrating Facial 50 min | 80 min

Every skin type needs hydration, whether normal, mature, oily, or sensitive, and the ocean offers the perfect way to restore ideal moisture levels.

Sea Breeze Anti-Pollution Freshness Facial | 50 min

Designed to counteract the destructive effects of pollution and an urban lifestyle, this facial detoxifies and oxygenates the skin leaving it revived, fresher and more radiant.

Youthful Glow Illuminating Facial | 50 min

Even out age spots, sun damage, and other issues related to hyperpigmentation with this renewing, brightening facial.

XMF Youth Revealing Facial | 80 min

Instant results for firm, smooth youthful skin can be achieved with this cutting-edge combination of a relaxing back massage with a detoxifying marine mud applied to the spine; an advanced facial designed to resurface the skin, fill wrinkles and restructure the face using the latest ingredients from marine bio-technology; and a warm extra marin filler (XMF) mask that is painted on to seal the treatments youthful benefits.

Detoxifying Back Facial with Self-Heating Mud | 50 min

A deep cleansing and exfoliation are followed by the application of healing marine mud to detoxify and smooth the back area. Then, a relaxing back massage is performed with a luxurious application of ultra-nourishing body cream.

Add ons for facials

LED Light Mask

LED light therapy features a non-intensive electronic mask which utilizes low level pulses of light. This procedure activates skin cells by converting light energy to promote healing and anti-aging and stimulate collagen formation.

• Blue - reduces frequency of acne breakouts
• Red - smoothes fine lines, wrinkles, and diminishes sun spots
• Red & Blue - effective in treating acne, rosacea and UV damage

Eye Perfection

Whether it’s crow’s feet, dark circles, or puffiness, the vulnerable eye area shows signs of aging and fatigue first.

Plumping Lip Smoother

Our lip treatment is the perfect remedy for dry, chapped lips and is ideal to help combat the signs of aging around the mouth..

Radiance Peel

This intensive exfoliating peel combines fruit acids and marine Alpha Hydroxy Acid, to reveal younger looking skin and increase the rate of cellular turnover.

Décolleté Parfait

A localized application of serums and a plumping mask to target hyper-pigmentation and smooth creased skin on the lower neck and chest.

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage 30 min | 50 min | 80 min | 110 min

Light relaxing pressure to reduce stress and relax the body

Deep Tissue 30 min | 50 min | 80 min | 110 min

Firm to intense pressure to deeply relax areas of chronic tension & stress

Prenatal 30 min | 50 min | 80 min

This soothing massage session is designed specifically to release the tired and tense areas of the body that are most effected during pregnancy.

Hot Stone Massage (Spa only) 50 min | 80 min

Firm to intense pressure to deeply relax areas of chronic tension & stress

Massage Therapy Add-ons

  • Foot Treatment
  • Exfoliation to the feet to remove all old skin cells and replenish with a rich moisturizing mask followed by a foot massage to relax your entire body.
  • Back Exfoliation
  • Hot towels are used to soothe and cleanse the back before applying a body gommage to exfoliate dead skin cells followed by hydrating lotion application. Leaves back smooth and hydrated.
  • Champagne of the Sea Localized Detox (self heating mud)
  • A local application of Phytomer’s warm, bubbly seaweed mud helps to relieve muscle tension and stress in your most over worked areas.
  • Aromatherapy
  • Use of essential oils targeted for your specific needs


  • Eyebrows
  • Chin
  • Lip
  • Bikini
  • Half Leg or Full Leg
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Underarms
  • Brazilian

Manicures and Pedicures

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