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24 Nov 2021
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When folks typically think of Pensacola Beach, sandy beaches and warm emerald waters pop into their head. However, our city offers locals and visitors alike so much more than that! We are home to a phenomenally fragile, diverse, and vast ecosystem harboring incredible wildlife and flora. The Pensacola Beach Footprints in Sand Eco Trail is your starting point for learning all about the plants and creatures that we call our neighbors. It is up to us, as capable humans, to protect our planet’s flora and fauna. We should only be leaving our literal footprints throughout Pensacola Beach and nothing else, like litter or invasive organisms. 


Portofino Island Resort is committed to protecting the natural environment in and around our resort. We invite you to recycle during your stay. In addition to our commitment to the environment, we are committed to our guests and their overall resort experience. Our comfortable luxury condo accommodations are perfect for couples, families, friends, and all types of travelers! Also, resort grounds are conveniently located along the Pensacola Beach Footprints in Sand Eco Trail, so you’ll have easy access. Keep reading for more info—

Footprints in the Sand Eco Trail on Pensacola Beach

The 8.5-mile trail is dotted with educational 29 stops, featuring interesting and reflective factoids on the amazing wildlife and plant life that calls our vibrant area home. Every stop tells an ecological story and provides maps, facts, tips, and pictures to help guide your journey. You can run, walk, bike, or drive along the eco trail—it is accessible to all! 


Pensacola Beach is home to so many cool species: loggerhead turtles, hermit crabs, sharks, fish, various seabirds, dolphins, octopus, flowers, seagrasses, and so much more! The city has created an interactive map to explore all the locations along the eco trail virtually. After you walk the trail, take time to reflect on conservation's importance and only leave your footprints behind on the beach!

Get Ready to be Amazed By Pensacola Beach’s eco-system during your stay with Portofino Island Resort—reserve your luxury condo online today!