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24 Nov 2021
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Welcome to the new year in Pensacola Beach! You and yours are probably ready to shed your winter coats and escape some warmer horizons. A nice spring getaway to Pensacola Beach, FL, can be your saving grace. Our beach town boasts over 17 miles of sugary beaches, all most 365 days of sunshine, and great family-friendly activities, suitable for every kind of traveler. You will discover something new and memorable every time you visit, no matter the time of year! 


Here at Portofino Island Resort, we are so incredibly excited to welcome back our returning and new guests to spend springtime on the sunny shores of Pensacola Beach, FL. Our five Mediterranean-inspired towers are home to private luxury condos that come full of modern amenities and the essential furnishings of home. Our accommodations types can be broken down into three tiers: standard, preferred, and elite. All tiers come equipped with kitchens, ideal for making these ten spring recipes during your Pensacola Beach, FL vacation! Keep reading for more delicious information—

  1. Tropical Orange Punch: add alcohol for those 21+

  2. Bananas Foster Oatmeal: great dish for picky little ones

  3. Easy Shrimp Ceviche with Avocado: perfect for a hot spring day

  4. Fresh Mango Salsa: topping for chips, fish, and more

  5. Jerk Chicken Wings: pairs well with the mango salsa

  6. Hoisin & Honey Glazed Salmon: the FL ideal oven meal

  7. Perfect Fish Tacos: starring your favorite local catch of the day

  8. Green Onion Rolls: sure to roll off the table into mouths

  9. Key Lime Pie Bars: a fun twist on a classic Florida spring dish

  10. Lemon Orange Cake: citrus goods are a Florida favorite

Cook up a Storm This Spring in Pensacola Beach, FL

You will be able to live out all your cooking show dreams when you spend the springtime at Portofino Island Resort. Our comfortable luxury accommodations, in addition to all our exciting resort adventures and activities, will be the perfect place to make memorable culinary masterpieces. Book your stay with us online today!