Meet Our Brides

At Portofino Island Resort, our brides and grooms are special. They come from all around the globe and their stories and their weddings are truly inspirational. Here’s some of our favorite stories. We hope it may provide some inspiration for your special day. 

Eric & Wendy Everett

Unlike most couples, Eric and Wendy Everett were lucky enough to be high school and college sweethearts. They both graduated from Mosley High School and then Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City before going their separate ways. When they parted, Wendy went off to finish school at the University of West Florida in 1987, while Eric graduated from the University of Florida in 1989 and moved on to graduate school at SMU in Dallas, Texas. Wendy and Eric were miles apart living separate lives, but when their twenty-fifth high school reunion rolled around, fate stepped in.

 ”Our wedding was very unique in that our families were not strangers to one another. As high school and college sweethearts in Panama City, our families and friends were intertwined,” said Wendy.

 The casual reception was held both inside and outside the Terracotta Restaurant on the different pool deck levels. Wendy and Eric agreed that the band, Hulon and the On Call Band, Hulon played a surprise saxophone serenade of George Strait’s “Carried Away” for the bride and groom’s first dance while guests mingled, enjoying the food, wine, and music.

 ”Everyone involved in this wedding made the day special. Portofino planned and coordinated the wedding and reception perfectly. Their staff even helped monitor our 8-year-old son during the reception. When the reception was down to just family and a few, he wanted to watch football so the bartender set him up in a comfy spot. Portofino’s staff kept everyone so happy,” raved Wendy.

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