Skydive Portofino

Another great day for a sky diving adventure!

Two Portofino Island guests took the “jump” on Friday September 24, 2010 and made a picture perfect landing on our sandy white beaches.

one… two… three…  JUMP!

What an amazing view!

Complimentary celebratory drink at landing

 Who’s next?


Amy is the name to know. She is our CUSTOMIZED VACATION planner, and puts our guests hands in the hands of those helping to make your stay with us all the more memorable.

This weekend I had the luxury of flying up with her and CAPTAIN JIMBO along with his tandum sky diving crew for a jump over the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Although we were all a little nervous, (ok…ALOT nervous) we had a great time and Amy had what Captain Jimbo said was “a jump straight from the books”, meaning perfect!

Only question is…WHO’S NEXT?

 contact Amy at for more information



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