Our Resort 9.21.2010

It is a beautiful day today at Portofino Island Resort!

Fun on the beach!

Portofino Girls enjoying the sun.

Great day for splashing in the pool!

Fun for mom’s and kids alike. 

Kayak the Santa Rosa Sound.

Guests returning from our 9:30am dolphin cruise. I was told it was a beautiful cruise and that they saw many dolphin.

 Did you know more than 280 species of birds have been identified within the boundaries of Gulf Islands National Seashore, since its establishment  in January 1971 making it an exquisite place for bird watching and photography!

Our Resort 9.07.2010

Fun with bubbles in the sun

Getting Ready for tonight’s Land & Sea work out.  Paddle Board, Beach Hiking, Yoga… oh my!

Big Screens are in place for the Big Game on Thursday… New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings

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Our Resort 8.31.2010

Naturally Beautiful

Two for One is Twice the FUN!

Our Fitness Center overlooks our outdoor infinity pools and the Santa Rosa Sound.  What an amazing view to enjoy while you exercise.

Sin in a Tin, produced locally in Pensacola and sold here at Portofino Island Resort in our Market, has become one of my new favorite treats.  The fact is… I love chocolate!  Chocolate makes a rough day better and a good day fantastic!  If you have not had the opportunity to try Sin in a Tin, I highly recommend this decadent treat.  Pair it with fresh strawberries, and it is simple irresistible.  Oh my, it is too hard to talk about and not enjoy, I think I will go get one right now!

Blue Angels from Portofino 7-10-2010

Today instead of traveling down to Casino Beach for the show, I decided to stay home (Portofino) and get some shots.  WOW! Not only a view of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, the Gulf, and the sound side, but the Blues were almost within reach from a few of the balconies. I hope all of you enjoyed the show!

There just isn’t anything quite like the Blue Angels on Pensacola Beach.