Dolphin Cruise 6-6-2010

Unfortunetly, not every dolphin cruise are we able to see dolphins. We don’t have them tied up anywhere, and we by law are unable to feed them so we search for them in the natural habitat. 

 SO, when we do see them it is very rewarding to see how they are in their “home”.

This Sunday was a perfect day for cruising until we ran into a little rain and had to be redirected, but ended up running into dolphins anyhow. It was a great trip! They put on quite the show.  Here are a few pictures from the trip.


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OUR BEACH 6-6-2010

Many of you have been asking what it looks like here at Portofino.  Many of you have been paying close attention and are very concerned.  I wanted to post pictures of our beautful beaches, as they looked TODAY, 6-6-2010.  I will try and post pictures daily, if not every other day to keep our wonderful guests updated.  In my opinion our beaches today are as beautiful as they have ever been.  Wish you were here to see them too! 

 Until Next time!